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The Pink Lady® Brand Apple was developed over 30 years ago in Western Australia by John Cripps as a natural cross between Lady Williams and Golden Delicious. The first apple with a trademark, it has since become an international favorite and well established in thousands of retail food stores in many regions including North America. With over three million boxes grown in Washington State and around 150,000 grown in California, it is the only truly pink apple in the supermarket. Available from early December through September, it also has a distinctive sweet/tart flavor. It is excellent eaten out of hand, a great cooking apple, and is considered to be one of the best apples for slices. When buying this apple, only purchase those with the Pink Lady® Trademark on the Price Look Up (PLU) sticker which means it was packed to specific quality standards.

What is Pink Lady®?

The Pink Lady® Brand, and the Flowing Heart Logo, are both trademarks registered with the federal trademark offices of the United States and Mexico, and are owned by Brandt's Fruit Trees, Inc. Pink Lady America is Brandt's Fruit Trees exclusive master licensee for the Pink Lady® Brand and the Flowing Heart Logo in the United States and Mexico.

What's the difference?

Quality is the main reason! The quality controls Pink Lady® enforces assures the consumer the best apple experience.

Is it Cripps Pink or Pink Lady®?

Although they can seem the same, Pink Lady® apples are highier quality. Make sure you see our flowing heart logo on each apple as shown here:

Why should I buy Pink Lady®?

Mainly, to get the BEST apple experience! Your purchase also supports our programs nationwide for fighting things such as child-obesity and breast cancer. Yes, our apple is going much further than any other apple in more ways than one. Enjoy!

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