My Pink Lady® Story


I have been an apple lover my entire life. There has always been something about this temptingly decadent fruit. The crispness, the sweetness, the smell, I loved it all. Growing up in apple country, fall was my favorite season of all, for fall brought the apple harvest. I enjoyed going to local farms and buying apples right off the tree, as fresh as you could get them, or going to a friend’s house and strolling through her orchard, chit-chatting away and stopping occasionally to rest under a tree. At those moments we would pluck an apple from the nearest branch and enjoy one of nature’s greatest snacks. My biggest complaint about apples was always that I had to eat different types of apples to get the sweet or sour taste that I wanted at the time. I had to settle for the tongue-twistingly tart Granny smith for a sour apple or the over-sweet Gala for a sweet apple. Though I loved them both, there was just no in-between. I had the same problem when cooking, having to buy a variety of apples to achieve the right balance for my pies or applesauce. Then, I found the Pink Lady® brand apple; A perfect balance of sweet tart, with just a hint of effervescence. Not only was this amazing apple the prefect snacking apple, satisfying both my preference for sweet and sour, but it was also an amazing cooking apple! It held up perfectly when cooking and didn’t require buying more than one type. Since finding the Pink Lady® I have rarely strayed from it. It has become a favorite in my home, enticing even my husband, who never liked apple, to love it.

- Crystal Armstrong

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