Pink Lady® Brand Bulletin April 2011


Market Comment: The movement of the Pink Lady® Brand Apple continued to be very good during this period, usually above to well above the targets established by the Yakima Grower-Shippers Association. It’s also worth noting that the movement of organic Pink Lady® is now above the 440,000 mark or well on the way to a projection of over 600,000. This compares to organic shipments of 227,000 as recently as the 2008-09 marketing season.
Mother’s Day Promo:  With an example of the coverage appearing below, the last in our trilogy of major promotions is centering on Mother’s Day which this year comes up on May 8. Once again this promotion is being supported by a retro poster with this one declaring “Moms Love To Have Fun.” A Republic of Tea® online promotion touting the sale of Pink Lady® Apple Green Tea is scheduled for next week.
‘Healthy Weight’ Program Startup: With Pink Lady America and Passport to Health® both being partners, next week will see the launch of an unprecedented campaign to support families and healthy living called Together Counts™. Lasting for at least the next year, this national program will use elements such as Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters, e-blasts etc. to get the word out about the need to have a healthy lifestyle. Available in the Washington Apple Industry only in conjunction with the Pink Lady® Brand and Passport to Health®, details will be made available in support of the 2011-12 marketing season.
Planning Process Underway:  Speaking of the 2011-12 marketing season, in reality we are now involved in planning way beyond that, as Pink Lady America puts together a new five year plan. It’s based on our vision which is to make Pink Lady® the most recognized fruit brand in North America and we would certainly welcome your input.

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