Pink Lady Campaign Honors Moms Everywhere


By Lora Abcarian | April 17, 2011

Pink Lady America, based in Yakima, WA, wants moms to feel special this Mother’s Day. A new campaign centered on the Pink Lady apple has been designed to pay respect to the women who do so much for their families.

Pink Lady America plans to honor mothers of all ages with a special promotion and retro-look poster this Mother’s Day. (Graphic courtesy of Pink Lady America)
“It’s one of our trilogy of holiday promotions,” Marketing Director Alan Taylor told The Produce News March 22. New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day promotions have already been a success for the company.

The 2011 Mother’s Day campaign poster has a retro look. But, as Mr. Taylor pointed out, it was designed by a young graphic artist. “We rely on young people to keep us up to date with what’s going on in the world,” he said.

The campaign’s appeal is expected to be favorably received by moms of all ages. “They’re the [chief executive officers] of the house,” Mr. Taylor joked.

Pink Lady America has a marketable volume of the apple variety — this season, the firm is marketing 2.8 million 40-pound boxes of the fruit. “Pink Lady is getting a lot of brand recognition,” Mr. Taylor added. Washington volume will clean out in September, transitioning to Pink Ladies from California.

The company has always stressed the positive health benefits associated with apple consumption and is a partner with the Passport to Health Foundation, which continues to fight obesity through its public awareness program.

Pink Lady apple juice was introduced earlier this year by Haggen Food & Pharmacy, one of the larger family-owned grocery stores in the Pacific Northwest. Convenient apple slices have also gained in popularity among consumers. And Pink Lady recently partnered with Republic of Tea for a new apple-tea drink.

Mr. Taylor said that retailers may contact him to obtain additional information about Pink Lady apples and the Mother’s Day promotion. “I encourage our people to use the [Mother’s Day] image as much as possible,” he said.


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