25 Kind Gestures to Share the Love

Every day is a perfect day to Share the Love with Pink Lady® apples, and with acts of kindness. It’s the little unexpected gestures that can go a long way to brighten someone’s day. The best part? It tends to create a ripple effect!

25 ways to Share the Love with your Family, Friends and Community. 

  1. Say hello and smile (or smize) as you pass by 😊
  2. Give a genuine compliment 
  3. Hold the door open for others, even if it takes extra time 🚪
  4. Reach out and call a friend you don’t speak to often 💓
  5. Leave extra money in a parking meter 🚙
  6. Send a letter in the mail to a loved one 📫
  7. Tell the staff at your favorite store they are appreciated 👏
  8. Pack up a Pink Lady® Apple Cheese Board and surprise a friend 🧀
  9. Hold back a negative response, comment or post
  10. Donate extra food or clothing to a local shelter 
  11. Take a younger family member to the park 🌄
  12. Thank an essential worker 🙏🚑
  13. Offer to help a neighbor and don’t take no for an answer
  14. Plan a romantic night in for your loved one and serve a Pink Lady® French 75 💕
  15. Donate books to a community center 📚📖
  16. Leave an extra tip and a written thank you 💸
  17. Volunteer for a local non profit you care about
  18. Post a positive company review for a local business ✅💯
  19. Let someone take the place in front of you in line
  20. Tell a mentor how much they’ve impacted your life 🙌
  21. Instead of donuts, bring Pink Lady® oatmeal bars to the next meeting 
  22. Donate to a cause that is important to you because of someone else, and share with them 
  23. Participate in a local cleanup ♲🚯
  24. Give a teacher Pink Lady® apples 
  25. Let someone show you kindness, then return it! 💞

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