How to Store & Enjoy Pink Lady® Apples

At First Blush

Look for the Pink Lady® name on the label and choose apples that are firm and without bruises or dents. Each and every hand picked Pink Lady® soaks up more than 200 days of sunshine, giving them a gorgeous, rosy blush. And because all apples that carry the Pink Lady® name meet specific quality standards, you can trust a consistently delicious flavor experience.


Let them Chill

Pink Lady® apples will maintain their freshness for longer when stored in the crisper section of your refrigerator. Ideally, there should be a bit of space left between apples to prevent potential bruising.

Freshness Check

If you find small bruises or dents, cut them from the whole apple before eating or using as an ingredient. If your Pink Lady® apples become soft, they’ve past prime freshness and are ready to compost.

Slice When Ready

For the best flavor and crunch, keep Pink Lady® apples whole and chilled until you’re ready to snack, bake or bring on the go. Keep any leftover slices in a sealed container in the fridge and enjoy them as soon as possible.

So. Many. Uses.

There are so many ways to Share the Love with Pink Lady® apples! Some of the world’s top chefs recommend them for cooking and baking. They’re equally delicious in juices or grilled and make for lovely pairings both savory and sweet.

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