25 Reasons to Love Pink Lady® Apples

It’s been 25 years since the apple we all love came to the United States. Hailing originally from Australia, it was apple breeder John Cripps who crossed a Golden Delicious with a Lady Williams to create what we know today as a Pink Lady® apple. Now you can find Pink Lady® apples across the US and the globe. 

To celebrate our anniversary, we’re sharing our top 25 Reasons to Love Pink Lady®.

  1. You can enjoy Pink Lady® apples around the world!
  2. Passionate farmers who work every single day to bring us delicious, fresh and healthy Pink Lady® apples year-round
  3. 200 Days of Sunshine in each and every apple
  4. They pair with a wide range of cheeses, dips and spreads. Even dessert dip! (Get the recipe here.)
  5. Quality you can trust. All Pink Lady® growers are dedicated to high standards that result in the consistent flavor we love
  6. Pink Lady® Health Ade Kombucha
  7. They make the perfect ingredient for a Mother’s Day Brunch or a Mimosa!
  8. It’s an on-the-go snack in its own natural wrapper
  9. Fresh fuel for your next adventure
  10. Pink Lady® trees are the last to harvest giving us more time to enjoy a longer bloom season
  11. Baking!
  12. They’re picnic perfect
  13. The Pink Lady® Food Photography Awards. Learn more here.
  14. Kids love them!
  15. Pink Lady® apple cider in the Fall
  16. Each Pink Lady® is handpicked and handled with care from our orchards to your table
  17. A beautiful blush color that makes all the other apples pink with envy
  18. Pink Lady® apple chips (take that, potato chips!)
  19. An all natural treat for your beloved pet
  20. Two words: Snack Board
  21. Sliced fresh, baked, roasted or juiced — Pink Lady® apples add a lot of love to any way you enjoy them
  22. Pink Lady® apples are packed with fiber, antioxidants, and flavonoids
  23. Most Pink Lady® apples grown in the US come from Washington State, known as the heart of apple country
  24. Memorable flavor for memorable dishes
  25. A seal of approval to love: look for the Pink Lady® heart!

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