The Pink Lady® brand is meant to encourage a lighthearted approach to healthy living. Our lifestyle imagery captures the adventurous and active personality that Pink Lady® apples represent.

Hero Apples

Bright and light is the key to beautiful hero shots of Pink lady® apples. Branded hero apple images are typically photographed wet, dewy, or shiny. It is critical that all product shots reinforce the Pink Lady® brand’s strict standards for quality and consistency.


Pink Lady® apples are delicious when enjoyed fresh but are also a unique ingredient for a variety of dishes. Our branded recipe imagery is appetizing, approachable and keeps the product as the focus.

Pink Lady® Apple in Pocket

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Pink Lady® Apple Picnic

jpg • 13.75 MB

Pink Lady® Apple with Child

jpg • 18.29 MB

Pink Lady® Apple Picnic

jpg • 17.44 MB

Pink Lady® Apple

jpg • 1.70 MB

Pink Lady® Apples Beauty

jpg • 7.22 MB

Pink Lady® Apple Bite

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Pink Lady® Apple in Hand

jpg • 3.38 MB

Pink Lady® Apple Horse

jpg • 14.31 MB

Pink Lady® Apple Slilced

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